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Thread: RCTW - Blog #20 - FAQ Added to Website

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    RCTW - Blog #20 - FAQ Added to Website

    To view the original blog please click here

    Dear Tycoons,

    I would like to start this week’s blog by saying thank you! The response to the pre-order campaign has been overwhelming and we are so pleased to see how excited everyone is for the upcoming betas and launch of RollerCoaster Tycoon World!

    As the team is extremely busy prepping for the beta later this month, I wanted to direct you to our brand-new FAQ page, focusing on a few questions that have popped up in the last few weeks. However, before I do, I also would like to announce that the first beta is currently targeted for the last weekend of this month (we will be confirming the exact time shortly), and before that we will also host a Twitch stream showing off the beta! During the stream, we will play the beta build and give you an opportunity to ask us questions about RCTW before it gets into your hands. Stay tuned for details on both events.

    And with that, please visit our new FAQ page to find a list of some frequently asked questions with more answers coming in the next weeks and months:

    Check back very soon for an announcement on the details of the Beta timelines as well as our Twitch Stream and a special Beta contest! Additionally, keep posting on our forums – we read as much as we can and it DIRECTLY influences the decisions being made for this game, both at launch and in the time after. Each week we get closer and closer to launch!

    Executive Producer - Atari
    Team RollerCoaster Tycoon World

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    Fantastic idea.

    Very pleased to hear that: "Our goal for the beta is for players to get a solid first view of the game, and to give us as much feedback as possible. At the same time, we need time to focus the efforts of you, the community, and our developers. While we may increase the number of weekends from 2 depending on need, at the moment we know that with the timing of each beta and launch we can take what we see from each weekend, tweak the game, and release an update with your feedback incorporated."

    Shortest blog post yet, but an FAQ like this really needed to be implemented.
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    oh its there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattlab View Post
    Cool... :/ No screenshot? ;_;

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    the fact about no betas in the boxed edition is sad

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    If BETA 1 is on the very end of October, that being Halloween weekend, I won't be able to take part in it as I'll be away. If it's on the last full weekend of October - Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th, I'll be able to take part on Friday as I head off on Saturday. I will be here though for BETA 2.

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    Hoped to get information about building piece by piece, but at least we got more specific information on the beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ireeb View Post
    Hoped to get information about building piece by piece, but at least we got more specific information on the beta.
    Ohh yes, buildings piece by piece. Mattlab, you can say now if we will have that in the game or in a free update?

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    It's about time we got a FAQ. Been asking for this forever

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    Huuuum, and that contest?

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