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Thread: better stations

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    better stations

    I would like to see an overhaul of ride station designs.

    No more of the single entrance single exit. At real theme parksyou go through the line and at the station you are split into mini lines so-to-say that correspond to seats on the ride.

    Also having two tracks in one station for simultaneous loading and unloading. One example that comes to mind is Big Thunder at Disney Land.

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    I love this idea and second it

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    nicely done good idee wil be a better way then before old espects must die for a stronger look but some things you need to hold on otherwise there wil be no fan left after release next year

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    This would be awesome! Having that option would make the game a lot more realistic!

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    I agree that RCTW needs to have bigger and better stations than RCT 3, I like the idea of transfer tracks and the ability to load and unload multiple trains at once (like TTD at Cedar Point)

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    I agree with this statement. I think the whole que and station system should be updated. Like if a ride is not busy then have part of the que close off so peeps can get to the ride faster but when the ride is busy the open up the overfill parts of the que. I would not mind having que be parts and chunks instead of the que build to be part of paths. The que should be much different than paths..Looks and size. Also interactive lines would be a good idea to keep peeps occupied. Perhaps for an expansion.

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    We should be allowed to have two stations, like in real life.

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    Take me through the Peep Psychology and interaction with 2 or more stations? Scottie--If a Queue connects a path to a ride entrance and is 8 squares long, how do you close down a part of it so that the Peeps can more speedily get on the ride if there are not a lot of Peeps already queued for the ride. The Previous versions all seem to handle that with the Peeps walking up and only stopping when the reached the first body that had slowed because of the speed of a ticket being sold. Just as you would encounter in real life.

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    Agree with this!

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    I'd personally be happy with just Seeing Holding Areas/Gates on the side of stations like you get in real life. However having narrower queue options and duel platforms would be awesome.

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