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Thread: Full Color Spectrum (Colorable Assets & Coaster Customization)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorPelusa View Post
    I was really bored, so i made quickly that ugly example:
    Yep! That'll do. Perfect solution! (and design!)

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    Hello, I just finished watching the original Pax stream. I also watched the most recent stream showing the new coaster segment tools. You guys keep talking about full customization, the freedom to do whatever we want. However I don't see that with the limited color pallet that you provided. I really think it's important to allow people to choose what ever color of the spectrum they want to use. Please add a color wheel to coaster building for tracks as well as let us customize individual parts of the train cars as well. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the game develop more. I also can't wait to create fantastic mods for people to use! I even just signed up to the forums to make sure this was heard and found a huge thread on the topic with 5 stars. People need and want this!
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