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Thread: Should all RCT World DLC be free?

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    dc universe online sells their dlcs $10.00 I could handle something like this and dcuo does quite well and then have a sale for $4.99 for the older dlcs after they have been out for so long to help bring in newer people who are just getting into the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by OTR24 View Post
    Should all the DLC released for RCTW be free?
    Simple answer, No. I do not mind paying for certain features if they are done properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dream Master View Post
    yes and no. Thing that should have been in the game like darkride and multilayer should be free.

    Expension like zoo, waterpark, simulator ect should be paid. I think 10$-15$ would be reasonable.
    Have you guys not been paying attention to the Live Stream and Blogs? Darkrides and Multiplayer will be added free as a post-update. As well as new content released every now and then said Mattlab, also. When will we ever need to depend on Atari for new content, when the Steam Workshop junkies are spending countless hours perfecting some of their finest work for this game? DLC? I mean obviously they are going to cost money!! You can't just spend a ton of money on a game, and set the price tag: FREE Because where is the profit in that? Atari is an industry. They make games to earn money.

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