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Thread: Autosave the game

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    Autosave the game

    I think a nice feature for the game would be the ability to autosave it. With the older games in this franchise that wasn't available and when the game chrashed, you lost your unsaved progress. But please: If you add this feature, make it opt-in or opt-out and not only auto-save, cause some people might prefer saving it manually.

    I'm looking forward to this game! (so please don't screw it up!)

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    said perfectly

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    I agree, something like in 5, 10, 30 min increments. But also have a save button.

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    AutoSaves have saved many times in games. Yeah that great idea.

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    Having just been replaying RCT and had the dreaded 'RCT is not responding' pop up and losing an hours work on a park, it would be great if there was an autosave slot so if you have a crash you can get back as close to that point as possible

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    +1. Great idea.

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    +1 .

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    Brilliant idea

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    Good point.

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    yessss defently would like this

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