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Thread: Just some things I noticed watching the pax livestream

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    Just some things I noticed watching the pax livestream

    So I saw the livestream and noticed a few things. This is mainly here for the devs to read and for y'all to add stuff that you noticed that I may have missed. Just trying to help improve the game here.

    So here's a little list of things that weren't mentioned that I think might need improvement:
    Shadows weren't very fluid as the sun came up and went down.
    In the wooden ferris wheel I saw the safety bar go up on seats that were up in the air (so this might be the same for other rides).
    Although I'm not a physics expert i think the way the train crashed into a tree might not be very accurate.
    Trees of a cetrain kind all seemed to look the exact same.
    (I'm kinda disappointed that we can't take ride undergound (yet?) because I loved to do that in the older versions.)

    I know the game is still being worked on and the version shown on stream isn't finished yet, so this might already be on the list of stuff that needs to be done, but I thought I'd just put it out here.
    I'm loving the way it looks already and can't wait to play, even if these things don't get fixed.

    For anyone wanting to see said stream, here's a link:

    Stay awesome

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    Going underground will become available in a free update (shortly) after launch

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