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Thread: Spur Tracks / Split Lines/ Dual Station Boarding.

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    Question Spur Tracks / Split Lines/ Dual Station Boarding.

    I have an idea that I have wanted to see since RCT2, Spur Tracks, Split Tracks, and Dual Station Boarding for high capacity roller coasters. I have one example in the real world that uses all three of these and you will see what I would love to see them. Disney's California Screamin' implements all of these features and you will see this in the two photos below.




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    never thought of that but it would actually add a nice touch! (that would have worked so well on rct 2!!)

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    Queue Lines Multiple Stations

    I was hoping that maybe we could get the ability to have one queue line for rides with multiple stations like a dueling coaster, that can split into two lines so that we just get one entrance for the ride.

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    Really cool idea. I agree!

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    Log flumes also seem to have this style, so +SUPPORT

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    Definitely a cool idea, it would certainly look awesome. I don't think it would make enough of a difference in the operations of the roller coaster to implement at this stage. And not many coasters have a dual loading station like the example photo so I wouldn't consider them a "must-have" item for the game to be a realistic representation of everyday theme parks.

    I do hope at the least a coaster can have multiple stations, for example separate loading and unloading stations, that would be enough for me. Maybe in a future expansion/major update?

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    I think this is a great idea, especially when you are short on space in a scenario, and you need to use your limited space to build a compact spaghetti bowl coaster to turn a nice profit. It would be really useful when you have limited space to work with. And as a downside, it would cost you more money for the storage tracks/station. I don't see how this would hurt the game.

    Changing the amount of trains on your coaster while it is operational is a real-life scenario. You don't want to run the max amount of trains all the time since it is inefficient. At the same time, it is also inefficient to close the ride (and have everyone leave the line...) to change the number of trains as well, which is what we had to do in the previous games...

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    This would be really cool. These would definitely be good to get more capacity through coasters. I could see this as being very useful when you need to add (or take away) a train from a coaster - in the previous games you had to close down the whole ride, but in real life, the ride operators just slide over the transfer track and have the extra train on the track and loading in a matter of seconds, without interfering with the trains already operating at all.

    If this is implemented, I would love to see this for all tracked based rides (railroads, flumes, cars). The dual stations are also utilized in some parks' antique car rides, go-karts, and transportation systems. It would be cool if it was possible to have dual-stations for those as well.

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    At the Efteling the atraction De Vliegende Hollander aka The Flying Dutchman they have this setting and i like this so ​+Support

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    This is something I missed in RCT3, it's a neat, realistic feature.

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