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    Not sure if anyone has talked about this yet, but the idea of including rentables. There are a couple categories here. But the main ones that come to mind are lockers (big component for rollercoasters and water-rides), segways (I know some parks have more individual methods of moving around), costumes (places like Disney and renaissance fairs have these), golf carts (if the resort idea is accepted by the developers).

    Also, having items getting damaged or lost would be an interesting approach. Again, approaching the topic of lost and found. I like to think of the number of hats and other items I see in nets under some rollercoasters, but also taking into account that certain items like segways and costumes will always have some sort of maintenance cost associated with them.

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    I love the prospect of rentables. Having items that peeps can rent, such as lockers, strollers, segways, inflatables, cabanas, etc.. would provide a great source of income for the park.


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    I like this idea! Any money-farming practices that are based on real world themepark management is a must! A boost to our finances by charging for lockers, strollers, etc is a great idea! It's been mentioned a few times on the forum.

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    Lockers are a good idea to have in RCTW.
    Inflatables rentals doesnt make since for peeps to rent, It make more since for the Park owner to add it if they wanted too as a Flat Ride,like a bonce house or slide.

    The Problem with Strollers is the game has have kids young enough in the game. Ur not going to put a 7 year old looking kid in it. If the Peep Editor allows us make babys and younger kids too, Then it makes since for us have it. Other wise we are going to have to wait for somebody to make it for Custom Scenery.

    Cabanas would fit more in the VIP aspect of the game.

    Segways are simaler to Vip aspect of the game and the Disable. Segways are only used for Disable People, surtain employees, and VIPs at theme parks. Which is the same reason we are not going to have Wheel chairs
    in the game. the Studio would have to create Peeps who are Disabled in wheel chairs.

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    Now the Rentals and VIP thing brings up two things for me. iam sure people has said this before or maybe they havent. Iam might make it a Thread again.

    one is We should have VIP Tours in the game. Since Vip tours are in a real amusment parks and theme parks.

    Secound IF u dont have enough money to build rides in the game. You could Rent the rides. Like Flat rides and surtain Track rides and coaster. this would be great for the Campaign/Scenario part of the game.

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    This is a great idea, I love it!

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    Wow, great idea. It's small things like this that really adds up and creates a more realistic, polished game.

    +1 from me too.

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    Would be very neat to have.

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