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Thread: Control Booth (1st person Ride Operator)

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    what a great idea !! i hope this will be included in the game !

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    Quote Originally Posted by blancocoaster View Post
    A feature which I believe would be great for RCTW is: Operate a ride!

    I know it is not possible for rides like slides, the haunted house, a maze, , etc.) but how cool would it be;
    - to launch a coaster from the loading platform
    - start and stop rides
    - control the speed for the Twister Ride, Top Spin, Pirate Ship, Free Fall, Ferris Wheel etc.

    and this all from the viewing point of the operation booth and/or eagle view.

    I like this idea. But I think that would be better for a game like nolimits, which has it.

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