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Thread: Post funny/cool videos here!

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    Talking Post funny/cool videos here!

    It's the internet, there's always a new funny video coming out.

    I've always had friends send me links to funny and cool videos.

    Post your favorite videos here! (Do not advertise your own, this is strictly for sharing videos that genuinely catch your attention.)

    Before you post, please ensure that your video is within the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Atari and that the video is suitable for everyone.
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    Bugs bunny does the nae nae.

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    Haha This is the best prank video i have ever seen ..

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    A Fun Day in Roller Coaster Tycoon! (Real life spoof) -

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    Definitely goes against forum terms and services, so watch at your own risk:
    Don't want to get banned, so here's the google link ^^^.

    As for appropriate, this is the only funny video I could find without swearing and the likes:
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    ^ For how simple it is, that was a hilarious YTP, thank you.

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    Can not stop laugh. Funny animals with Dubbing

    Funny animal with dubbing. Just relax and take laugh. So great

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    0:25 wtf

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    funny cat videos

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