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Thread: What Makes a Good RCT Coaster?

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    What Makes a Good RCT Coaster?

    Ever since its release in 1999, the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise has captivated people from all around the world with the ability to design your very own roller coaster. While park building and business management are a huge aspect of the franchise, it leaves no doubt that creating the best coaster you can imagine is the main draw of the series. I've been playing the series ever since I was a ten year old kid with the original rollercoaster tycoon game installed on my 500 Mgz CPU- 10 GB HDD- 8 megs integrated graphics computer. Technology has evolved. Now some of us play with computers with terabytes of HDD space, 4 GhZ processors, and dedicated video cards with 5Gb's of video memory! 2D design evolved into 3D with RCT3 and the grid has finally been replaced with realistic free form track placement. While technology has improved, there still remains a common set of characteristics that make a good coaster. I will include some of my own but anyone is free to add their own suggestions to the list.

    • A Theme is a great addition to a coaster, but not completely necessary. If you choose to do a theme, it is best that you provide more of that theme around the coaster. Don't just stick a western themed wooden coaster in the middle of nowhere. Put some western-themed buildings around the area. You don't have to make a large western section, but make the coaster seem welcome in the area.
    • Using the Terrain will make your coasters better. Especially for wooden coasters. Because you have god-like powers to reform the terrain as you fit, you can build the terrain around the coaster to make it look much more aesthetically pleasing. You don't have to go hardcore and change the terrain for each section of the track, but you generally don't want to build the entire coaster on flat land. Do something simple like make the station and the lift hill on higher terrain and the rest of the coaster in a valley. There really isn't an objective way to use the terrain, but it looks so much better with a well-designed terrain than on flat land.
    • Use inspiration from real life, but don't simply copy real coasters. Unless you are making a replica of a coaster, you want it to look as unique as possible, but ultimately want it to look like it could exist in real life. Use elements from real life coasters, but provide a unique layout. Theming also helps a lot with this. For example, your Diamondback-inspired hypercoaster will look a lot more unique if you make it a space or spooky theme.

    As I said, this list is a WIP and anyone is free to recommend additions and changes to the list.

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    A good few points can be found on a similar thread:

    But from a non-peep point of view, a good RCT coaster generally has some sort of agenda/back story behind it and will look like it fits in with its surroundings.

    There's a far line between a coaster that looks plopped somewhere with a bit of scenery, to a coaster that literally belongs to its location, "sitting" in between the terrain/theming itself.

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