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Thread: RCTW – Blog #18 - Behind-The-Scenes Video and Six Flags Collaboration!

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    RCTW – Blog #18 - Behind-The-Scenes Video and Six Flags Collaboration!

    Please click this link to see the full blog

    Hello Tycoons!

    Thank you all again for the amazing feedback, coverage and support we’ve received since PAX Prime. As always, it’s been great reading your comments on the forums with your suggestions for the game. What’s even more exciting is seeing your suggestions come to life in our internal builds! Today we’ll be presenting a very special “behind-the-scenes” video and talking about features.


    We want to give you all a peek behind the curtain of RCTW, so we are very happy to present a “making of” video, highlighting our development process, the team and some of the new key features and innovations you will have at launch. You’ll get a view into the work and thoughts of the impassioned people that are bringing your ideas to life (including me!).

    We are also happy to announce a very exciting collaboration on this project with Six Flags, the world’s largest regional theme park company! Six Flags is home to some of the most innovative rides and coasters in the world, and we wanted to make sure our team had access to that amazing technical expertise. With RCTW it’s all about the details, and who better to guide us and answer questions than the very people making real world rides themselves?

    One last note - some of the game clips you’ll see are not yet fully optimized. Obviously for launch, gameplay will be optimized and framerates will be silky smooth, but we wanted to give you a glimpse today from our development build of the parks you’ll be able to create with RCTW. In other words, we wanted to show you more of RCTW NOW (with the framerate still to be optimized) rather than later. ENJOY!


    As seen on our website, Facebook page and forums, we have announced a number of amazing new features for the game. Many of these were unveiled at PAX, including the powerful coaster builder, 4K UHD graphics, ride and coaster realism, and native Steam Workshop / UGC support.

    Now, let’s address your questions regarding features - what will be available at launch, versus what will be added via free updates post-launch. So far, with the exception of some minor features, everything the community has asked for will be included in the game. However, in regards to the release of these features, we want to have a product that is fully polished at launch. This means that some of these features will be released as free updates post-launch - including darkrides, tunnels, and transport rides - once they are truly finished and optimized.

    We intend for RCTW to set a new bar for themepark simulation, and to be a game that is played for a long, long time. We owe it to you all to present a robust, content-rich, and fully polished game at launch that can be updated and improved for years to come.


    One last note - we know what you all want to hear. Coming soon on our blog topic list is info on our street date, pre-order plans, and Beta! Until then, thanks again for being a part of the RCTW community!

    Executive Producer of RCTW
    Executive Producer - Atari
    Team RollerCoaster Tycoon World

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    Here is a transcript I typed up for the vocal dialog from the video. (For the hearing-impaired and for people to quote from.)

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Mattlab: So 16 years ago, Chris Sawyer came up with Roller Coaster Tycoon. After that, he came up with Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.

    This took many ideas from Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and then brought them forward.

    Then, we came out with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. -- This was the first time the franchise was introduced to the world of 3D graphics. We're bringing a lot of that to our next game which is Roller Coaster Tycoon World.

    The vision to RCTW is to really capture those things in the previous games that fans loved and then put a level of next generation polish on top of everything. Roller Coaster Tycoon World is really the next-generation of Roller Coaster Tycoon. It brings the franchise forward.

    In this game we started from the ground level. We read what fans wanted, we saw what their behaviours were in our previous games and we combined all that knowledge along with the sort of passion of the team. Both at Atari and here in NVIZZIO to come up with Roller Coaster Tycoon World.

    My favorite technical aspect of the game is by far the coaster editor.

    Steven Lumpkin: Previous games you were building piece by piece track segment by track segment. But now we've built a really robust spline-based coaster editor. Which means you've got these long curves which you can manipulate however you want.

    Andrew Wilson: So as a user creating a curved path or roller coaster that can move anywhere in 3D space, we kind of have to calculate the angles in the direction changes and the forces and everything that we needed real-time to allow the user to make any shape that they want.

    Mattlab: And we've done this with Six Flags. -- We wanted to bring their expertise in running some of the world's greatest theme parks and building some of the coolest roller coasters you've ever seen, to roller coaster tycoon.

    Rebecca Close: It's been an incredible partnership with NVIZZIO and Atari and we've worked very closely to look at things like the schematics of our theme parks. -- The guest traffic patterns and of course all our rides and the layout of our major coasters and our tallest thrill rides. But it's really all that little stuff, that attention to detail that I think will make this game the most realistic theme park game that has ever been made.

    Mattlab: The simulation is something that we're really bringing a step forward. We've re-thought how we're doing the shops and the stall system and all the different operations that you have to do inside of the game.

    Steven Lumpkin: Artificial intelligence in Roller Coaster Tycoon World differs from previous games, in that, in previous games the AI would sort of roam around discovering things and evaluating whether those things match their current needs and then deciding whether they want to participate or not, based on that.

    In our game it's much more about; they know their current state of needs and they intentionally choose to take whatever action is going to help them out according to their current needs. They also care about the themeing of objects in your park. Some peeps are going to want to ride Western-type rides, some peeps are going to want to eat and science-fiction themed restaurants. Some peeps have a certain preference for the type of cuisine for the types of food they like to eat. All of these contribute to an experience where the peeps are caring about a lot more of your parks, than they used to.

    Kim Pasquin: One of my favourite features is terrain deformation. I think our developers were able to create something that is easy to use but also gives the possibilities for the players to be able to customize that park and make it look the way they want. We really spent a lot of time making a tool that is simple for users, but very powerful for our hardcore gamers. -- So they really can personalize their park as much as possible.

    Patrick Bathazar: A modern way of doing a simulation game means using modern techniques. So we're multi-threading the game as much as possible.

    Andrew Wilson: Yeah that really expands the AI, gives us a lot more room for breath. Because we have faster CPU's now. So we can actually use that 64-bit new-age graphics. We're using a lot of new high-end techniques to try to bring the graphics up to that next-gen type of material.

    Patrick Bathazar: What hasn't been done before in an RCT game is using modern rendering technologies.

    Mattlab: For the first time we're integrating, natively, user generated content support. -- Which is a huge innovation. It's gonna allow users to dream up things that we didn't even think was possible. We're going to be doing Steam workshop support, which, in itself allows for a lot of different sharing features.

    Patrick Bathazar: It's an evolutionary step for the franchise.

    Mattlab: The game not only looks beautiful, but looks realistic.

    I think it's really going to change the way some people play this game.

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Two words. Thank you!

    Look guys! Car parks!

    I think it was a very good idea to collaborate with Six Flags! Even to the fine details like the guest traffic patterns?!

    Also, I loved the terrain deformation in that video. It looks amazing! Was pleased to see things actually built on top of the terrain and how the path interacted with it.

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Some quick questions:

    When you said:
    Coming soon on our blog topic list is info on our street date, pre-order plans, and Beta...
    I assume you wrote that in a specific order? Also, how soon?

    Also, being as you're collaborating with Six Flags, will we see Six Flags parks shipped with the game? That would be so good! Perhaps as a scenario to manage Six Flags? This would really highlight that you can recreate parks and build the park of your dreams.

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Now then, onto the stalls...

    This is basically exactly what I had in mind! Very realistic and has that touch to it!

    Fantastic video! Very professional.

    I approve of this blog post. Worth the wait.
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    Oh my god. This is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for this amazing blog and video

    So far, with the exception of some minor features, everything the community has asked for will be included in the game.
    Does this mean there is a chance that a real first person mode could be in the game?
    I talked to my brother yesterday and he said that he wants that too

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    Would be nice to know for the fanbase here, if the beta is closed. or only for people that pre order it, i guess that is already decided ? no ? can't you say anything about that

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    awsum !!

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    Looks good, will post again when I can really read it. Disappointed that we have to wait even longer for a release date... don't make us wait to long.

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    Oooooooooooooh! Hwo amazing video!
    Thanks Mattlab!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddrplaya4638 View Post
    Looks good, will post again when I can really read it. Disappointed that we have to wait even longer for a release date... don't make us wait to long.
    Yes please don't make us wait to long!!!!
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