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Thread: Ideas for Dark Rides? [Post them here!]

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    Ideas for Dark Rides? [Post them here!]

    ****Moderator Update****
    From Blogpost 18:
    Some features will be released as free updates post-launch – including dark rides, tunnels, and transport rides – once they are truly finished and optimized.
    There’s still enough time to give the dev-team new inspiration, feedback and ideas!

    1) To make a good Darkride you need many different ride types. For example: Coasters that sway and pivot, tilt and turn, change speed or brake instantly; ALL for the purpose of telling a story through animated ride movements and scenes. Darkrides however, are not limited to just coasters. Boat rides can also feature "Special Track Elements" or Mill Shoot-style drops to heighten the rider's darkride experience.

    2) Create the Surroundings. Darkrides do not have to be inside a show building but Rides should be able to change into a Darkride though the use of scenery theming, effects, walls, deform-able terrain and water effects...

    3) DarkRide FX Tools (walls, roofs, landscape ect..) The use of Effects tools/light-tools (fire, water, mist ect..) paired with lots of different Objects will allow you to create the atmosphere/theme you want around your darkride.

    4) Music and Sounds adds the finisheing touch and brings your darkride concept together. Sound effects or a looping theme song during the rides duration; are great finishing touches to a Darkride!

    Back to Original Post: Message originally posted by Wilkong on 12-13-2014 at 05:04 AM:

    This might be a long shot, but a feature where you can easily build the most amazing on ride experience. Customization in different theme's.

    Especially with Dark rides, some in real life examples: Jurassic Park River Adventure (Universal Studios), Journey to the Center of the Earth (Tokyo), Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye Disneyland), Droomvlucht (Efteling).

    Some great darkride examples made in RCT 3:

    Credits to: FireFallProduction
    Credits to: Mike Sheets
    Credits to: Imagineer Tim

    I would love to see this features, Look forward to seeing the finished product! Thanks
    Please read and reply!
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    A dark ride or ghost train is an indoor/outdoor amusement ride where riders in guided vehicles travel through specially lit scenes that typically contain animation, sound, music, and special effects.

    A dark ride does not have to be dark. They are enclosed, so all illumination is artificial, and most use special lighting to achieve theatrical effects. Selective use of darkness helps hide the ride mechanisms and increase the visual drama of the experience.
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    Ride events?

    Can't remember if it is called ride events or not, but do you remember in RCT3 they had like a statue then when a roller coaster went past it it'll blow up or barrels will run down like a triggered statue which goes with the ride, they only had like 4-5 in RCT3 hope they bring it to this one or even let us make our own ride event that would be cool.

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    Veeery important feature for my also. Love the "Opening Doors" ride events. Would love to see water and firework as a ride event also!
    Good point ty poster!

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    yeah. i like this

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    I agree! On real coasters there are cool elements like a fog wall the coaster is going through.. an animation is projected on the wall.
    There should also be "Track elements" like the coaster is going through a tunnel that looks like a dragon entering the mouth.. or a tunnel that is simply dark.. Such elements should definitely be there, too!

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    YES!!! I want opening doors!!!

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    Definitely. Now a way to MAKE ride events would be one of the coolest features this game could possibly implement.

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    I hope they do include doors opening etc especially for ghost trains Aswell , and I like your suggestion about the dragons mouth that would be cool

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    I can personally say I think they are at least thinking about this. With that new picture they added in blog post 3 it definatly looks something like ride events but for everything. I'm hoping they let our creativity run wild! With not only ride events but other things as well!
    Love me some RCTW!
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