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Thread: Please help my to patch my game!

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    Please help my to patch my game!

    Hello everyone

    Nice to meet you all I am new to these forums. I have been playing rct since it first came out and I use to have a simple geocities website under my user name rctrobin so I am pretty clued up with the game. But for some reason I can not find any download anyway to update my game. I have just got the game again after not having it for ages. I have got the rct3 gold edition that has rct3 and soaked in it and I am from the uk so i am guessing that it is the uk or eu version. I nned to update becuase I can't build any tunnels!!!! which is very annoying and I do not get why that was not put in the game in the first place. I understand that if I get the wild add on then I will get to build tunnels but It was hard enough to find a disc version from a shop in the first place let alone going out and trying to find one disc just so I can build things underground. So where is there a patch for the uk/eu version of rct3 gold that will update it to the latest version or just a version that will let me build tunnels at least!


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    Please send a support ticket at so that we can better assist you. Access the site and click on “Submit a help request”, select “Roller Coaster Tycoon”, fill in your information and click on submit.

    Thank you.

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