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Thread: Steam workshop, first person mode and a DON'T

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    Lightbulb Steam workshop, first person mode and a DON'T

    Dear develepors,
    The things that are keeping games alive these days is there community and there creations. I know there is gonna be a option to share your coasters. But it would be really great if there was steam workshop integration with mods(custom scenerey and rides etc..). This will keep the game alive and it would draw much more attention. Also a first person mode would be AWESOME! That you can walk around your own or your friend's park and ride the rides. (Without minigames and spending your owned money, that would just be stupid!)
    And I also have a BIG don't:
    Please don't implement minigames! I saw some people requesting this and I was thinking: " Why? Why would you want that? That would be weird, unrollercoastertycoonish and it would take the developers time that could be spend on better things!" So, yeah please no minigames with making food or something like that. That would just be WEIRD!

    Thanks for reading, really excited about RCTW!

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    I agree. I think mini games are pointless and shouldn't even be considered being added into RCTW. The idea of the steam workshop having mods for the game is good too. I'm personally hoping though that you wont have to download as many mods as you did for RCT3 to make it look cool. (etc. Dark Rides, Automatic doors in rides )

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    While against minigames, it was a very much argued series of threads in our last forums. And Frontier heard us, and put it in Thrillville, which seems to have been a failure. (though they had a sequel, so maybe they did make money at it)

    For a first person POV walkthrough a park, if you have a carnival game, a shooting game, toss the ball game, then interacting seems logical. Is it fun, however. Does it work well? are different questions.

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