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Thread: RCTW Release Date?

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    RCTW Release Date?

    13 november 2015 is the release date confirmed at a Dutch Store that had multiple release date that were true.

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    That just means they are good at guessing. But would make sense to me to release it right before the xmas season.

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    They had previous releases right, so I think this is confirmed?

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    It simply can't be confirmed since putting up the real release date before it is official would be illegal.
    But it is indeed possible that there is some guy knowing someone that might have slipped a hint.. *cough*
    You can't call that confirmed. But you can call it "maybe they are lucky for some reason or two".

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    That would be a logical date though, having it out before black Friday.

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    Exclamation Yay!!!

    OMG! That is my BIRTHDAY!!! Mattlab, if you are reading this, please confirm this! It would mean the world if the game was release today. Well, not the world. I AM NOT 6.... BUT STILL.

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    This week there will be a prod blog abouth it i'm sure

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    As long as the gme s released in a timely fashion, I'm not concerned about release date. Nvizzio will release whenever they are ready.

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    Interesting, I wonder if true? I would be a little disappointing in way because it just seems so off season! releasing a coaster theme park game that's basically the start of winter heh

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