First off I would like to start by saying that from what I have seen from the PAX reveal, it looks great. My major concern is that the developers may be overlooking some of the aspects that made RCT:3 so great. I get that the developers do not want to release the game with certain aspects if they are not fully ready (Maybe not rush the release of the game?). I feel like most of us would agree that we would much more prefer a more complete game rather than a basic platform to build upon for the future. Atari and Nvizzio, you have to build upon what made RCT:3 so great. Will there be Fireworks? I do not believe I have run into any mention of this, widely used in theme parks and was a great part of RCT:3. Will there be water rides? No I don't mean a full blow "water park" expansion pack, i'm talking log flume, rapids, flume coaster ect.. Will there be transportation rides? Please do not over look this, this is just as common to a theme park as roller coaster. Will there be animatronics? Again this is the 21st century, this is now the gold standard of dark rides in theme parks around the world and was a great part of RCT:3. Lastly being able to build pathways and coasters underground. I hear the talk about how the develops really wanted to give us the ability to create however we want, well underground tunnels and pathways this is very important and has been on nearly every RCT build, this is simply a "must" for RCT:World. So shout out to Mattlab, can you please comment of some of these.