One person pointed out that if we went diagonal as well as 90 degree vertices, than we would have to account for Entry/Exits along these 45 degree lines, and pathing would have to support that as well.

Without any grid, a 360 degree ability to place, would we have to make pathing allowance for every possible degree. Would we end up with an impossible to manage, control and manipulate system which is one of the ills that Theme Park Studio currently suffers from, where placement and pathing do not match up? If that was the result, then I would be against having totally free form pathing. All previous versions have used the square based grid and we are all used to it. No one has had to change from something else to this within the Franchise. Thus if you have played a previous version, you know how it works.

The real world may allow you to move around the circle to place anywhere on the arc, and with contractors living and breathing as they build to the architects and engineers specs, if someone was a minute degree off, they could correct. Here if one phase is off the programmers will have to solve that for us so we align correctly. (hope that makes sense)