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Thread: My Top 11. .. Or is it too late?

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    Question My Top 11. .. Or is it too late?

    1. A Controllable, Customizable Peep, INSTEAD Of just Watching through a Peeps eyes. We control where they go and what they do!
    2. Roller Coasters that can go Under Water or Thru a Water Fall (without deleting the water or falls).
    3. The Ability to Actually Build Around Stalls or to enclose individual Stalls. I hated not being able to put walls and roof pieces around stalls because the stalls were over sized and the walls could not share the same space as the stall (even the custom generic stalls)
    4. MORE FLAT RIDES Like Carnival Based Ones... Hampton Rides, Rides on Flatbed Trailers Restaurants
    5. Cheats and Hacks
    6. Bring back how many rotations on the Marry-Go-Round, Forward or Revers on Farris Wheel, Number of People on the Slide at one time and how many times they can go on it for the $ they pay, How long they can ride the Dodge'em Cars, Ect Ect Ect.
    7. Interactive/Playable Side Shows and Games!
    8. Ability to put Benches Back to Back on Double (plus) Wide Paths and the ability to put Fences/Scenery in the Middle of Wide Paths
    9. Ability to MOVE and Not Delete Rides and Scenery Like in RCT1 and 2!
    10. Smarter Peeps! No more Leaders that get Lost (only Peeps that did) and No more Waiting for Group!
    11. Ability to add on to custom scenery, the walls/roof pieces matched up once place. In RCT3, the walls would not match up to the Western Stock Themed Scenery, so you could not build on to them without looking funny or having gaps.

    Or are these to late to bring to the development board?
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    A lot of these have already been addressed in the stream.

    1. They said you could attach a camera to a peep, they didn't say whether or not you could control it.
    2. You may be able to splash through water, but underwater is most likely not happening since underground paths aren't even coming til after launch.
    3. Cannot say for sure, they didn't specific on this, though they did have those scenery zones that seemed like you could place things close to them.
    4. They are releasing with 30 flat rides, people are pushing for more, but they said 30. They will be releasing more and more as the game is out.\
    5. Nothing said on cheats, though the game is supposed to be modded and such and I am sure it will be.
    6. Nothing said
    7. I've seen things said on the forums for this already, not sure if it is 100% or not, though I am sure they will have something like this planned.
    8. Nothing I have scene, this is a good suggestion.
    9. I think you can do this. Based on what the video showed, it did seem like the rides were made to be easily moved.
    10. This is something that is a big thread and the group issue has been addressed already in that forum, hopefully this is fixed, I am sure it will.
    11. Not sure on this one

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    1. Problem was you had to keep switching Peeps and they had to be at the ride you wanted to go view. The best you could do was look around. I would rather Control where they are going.... actually Posses them.

    2. In 1 and 2 you could at least build thru the water without it disappearing like in 3. But if they can build Paths that go Underwater, why not Coasters or Water Slides? Or for that matter, a Glass Building?????

    3. Sure you could build around them but they would look weird. Or if you built a Big Building to put the Custom Stall in, you could not separate them with a wall unless you left a space between them. Then the buildings would be soo big, the Roofs would have to be twice as big just to put one on and in 2, they were missing proper roof pieces most of the time.

    4. As long as they are Free without having to Buy Addon Discs/DLs.

    5. Sweet and they better have them. .... Naked Peeps XD

    6. In 1 and 2 you could have two Farris wheels next to each other rotating in opposite directions facing the same way, which raised the excitement a little for both. In 3 you can't do that. Sure you could have them Look like they were going different rotations but you had to face one the opposite. Also you could have three of the same ride but set on different Lvls.. Beginner, Berzerk, Insane.. But in 3, they took that away. Bring it back.

    7. This was something Theme Park did (I had the Sega Version) but RCT Couldn't? They need to. They could even have Unlockables for winning them (if not too hard to win).

    8. In 1 and 2 you could not, as the benches/TCans/Lights would be deleted on the one side you widened the path. In 3 you could add them Before you widened the path but not after, Then you couldn't add more even tho they would be on a new grid section. Or like in 2 in the beginning sequence sequence, it showed Paths that were separated but running along each other. I could never figure out how to do that. It only worked on Inclines.

    9. From what I saw in the Pax Video, they had to Delete the station altogether, then place a new one. Didn't see them move a Flat ride. This was a Big Pain in the Butt in 3.

    10. Nothing like having ROWS of Tcans in front of your Stalls and they are throwing their Garbage on the ground. Or they would Vomit right next to the Vomit shacks. During Peep abuse, it was Always the Leaders of the groups getting lost. And if 1 person in the group goes on the ride...They all should. That would eliminate "Waiting for group".

    11. In 3, they have the Themed Buildings/Scenic Sets. Western ones say... the Chemist Set, the Sheriffs Office or Jail took up .5x2 grid sections. So if yow wanted to fill them out, the walls would not line up and it looked like you placed Back Drops in front of something too wide and not back far enough.

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    Wow I just spent like 20 minutes typing out a response to each of these then accidentally hit the back button and lost it all.


    Maybe I'll try again later...

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