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Thread: Ability to choose campaign difficaulty

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    Ability to choose campaign difficaulty

    I've seen a lot of posts from people saying 'the campaigns are too easy for me, its just so boring', and to be honest, I can see where they are coming from. Since everyone is at a different skill level with the game itself, why not give the option to choose a difficulty for campaign mode? (etc.Easy,Normal,Hard,Expert)At least then the game would give people with a higher skill level a bit of challenge..

    Ideas and opinions on this?

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    Without a lot of ingenuity these difficulty levels would usually then mean running with more cash to get you to a goal.

    Do you reset Peep Psychology and have more peeps designed to only be enticed to go on rides with higher excitement and intensity ratings? Would that then cause a scenario to become hard?

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    Depending on the difficulty level of course, the amount of cash which you are provided with at the beginning of the scenario would either increase or decrease. For example, an easy difficulty campaign , would be well suited for beginner's. They would be provided with a large amount of cash so they could easily achieve the objectives. However, for an expert difficulty, you would be given a very limited amount of cash and as a result, it would be harder to achieve the required objectives.

    Peep Psychology overall, is okay in RCT3. It does get annoying however when you build a rollerocaster and since the intensity is quite high , peeps in your park will not ride it.
    In my opinion. it'd be kind of pointless to program the peeps in easier scenarios to ride any ride no matter what the intensity or excitement rating but in the harder scenarios, be a lot harder to get them to ride the rides and require them to have a high intensity or excitement rating. It'd just make the game more complicated. Also, if the above idea of peeps only going on rides with higher intensity ratings and excitement ratings was actually implemented into the game, would this be the same in sandbox mode?
    Or just in campaign mode?

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    Blue, you tell me. You suggested to have a way to make the scenario be played at easy, normal, hard levels, so I am giving back ideas how to make it happen.

    Since a Scenario if not Sandbox, clearly that would not apply there. Changing the tolerance requirements for a Peep to interact with a ride, makes it require you to create more fascinating rides. A feat which might be a great deal more difficult to do. It might eliminate from the list of rides that you would purchase a great many Flat rides if they are not exciting enough

    The more I think about it, the more I think that only through limitations on Peep Pysch (this is made of a lot of factors, one of which is which type of ride requiring an intensity level) can you really achieve making the scenarios into easy to expert difficulties if the RCT3 system is what we have to look forward to in RCTW
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    Mhm, yeah I see what you mean now. You have a good point. I guess we will just have to wait and see what they come up with

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    I could be wrong, but didn't peeps slowly increase their ride tolerance after going on rides with a slightly higher intensity rating than they felt comfortable with? Either way, if this was the case then peep psych could play a big role in higher difficulties providing us the challenge of designing a park that builds up peeps confidence to tackle that big scary roller coaster. Some peeps might not like the idea of getting wet on rapids, or are scared of heights. So in higher difficulties we really need to pay attention to the peeps needs/wants.

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