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Thread: Disneyland Expansion Pack

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    Disneyland Expansion Pack

    Please do a Disney Expansion Pack this would be awesome
    Because there are so many People wo always wanted to build Disneyland but never could.

    Thant you

    by Prime

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    They wouldn't be able to because of copy-right claims.

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    They seem to be inspired by Disney based on what's been shown so far.

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    Yes they may be inspired but they couldn't copy everything bit by bit. They'd get sued

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    Unless they got the licence beforehand.

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    It would cost too much

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    There's always the potential to copy something exact, but it would take a hell of a lot of planning and then of course there's whether or not the game design allows it to be exact - technicalities out of the way it would be cool to see something like that, but it would probably be far too much money to do so. It probably wouldn't be as easy as Disneyland allowing the rights to it, there'd be all sorts of different companies they'd have to pay.

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    I find one of the beauties of these games is making your own world to 'play in' and for the peeps to enjoy. Of course, that does not mean I think it's a farfetched idea. After all, RCT2 had playable Six Flags parks, and RCT3 Soaked had Hershey Park content, so this has been done before, but Disney as a company is very protective of their characters. But the core thing would be to add Disney elements without losing the creative aspects at the core of the RCT franchise. If they were to use any Disney elements, I'd hope that the imagineers (what they call the people who work on everything disney theme park/hotel/shopping center/cruise ship/etc. related) would be involved so that the properties are applied in a matter that is a good representation of the brand. Of course, there are the financial details, but it's possible, just unlikely.
    First we should just focus on making sure the base game is well done before popping out ideas for expansions.

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