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Thread: Kraken Mark //Top Spin Contest

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    Red face Kraken Mark //Top Spin Contest

    Hello to all of you ,in advance , sorry for my bad English, I from Belgium.

    I open a small topic to share and get feedbacks on my design for a contest " thematize a top spin " on frct3.
    Returns are very important for me and surely will push me to present my park . (Here a small image thereof).

    Top Spin Contest project:

    " The black mark !!!! And unfortunately for you , no earth jar ! Prepare to be attacked by the most mythical beast oceans ... The Kraken !"

    Thanks for watching and feedbacks!

    See you soon!

    CC/ Daphnir.

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    Awsome. That game is 10 years old. How incredible it'll be looks with the new engine and the new possibilities
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