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Thread: Question about the retail version

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kombiice View Post
    wow !! 100 kbyte / sec.... would take about 27 hours to download !! (if the game takes about 10 gb)

    if your internet uses the highest speed
    That's right on! It takes about 24 hours to download 10GB, but then there's a good chance it got corrupted while downloading so it usually takes about 3 tries to successfully download a game that large.
    And the 800 kbits/s is the download speed, the upload speed is only 200 kbit/s. Its still fast enough to host servers for all the games I play, but sometimes I have to change the server settings to make it work well. It's fast enough for me, except when I have 10GB of data to download...

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    and its bits not byte :P

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    if RCTW is the same as most retail versions like: Dead Island Riptide, you could use the retail version to install the game and to activate the game you will need to us the code and after that you won't need the CD any more.

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