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Thread: Bugs in iOS RCT3

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    Bugs in iOS RCT3

    Hi, not seeing a forum for this, sooo....

    Great port, but one main issue for me. Selecting attractions can be very hard. E.g., in sandbox mode I was trying to add row boats, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not move the station from its starting location (it would scroll the view rather than moving the station). Similarly, trying to select an existing roller coaster was very hit or miss. I mostly try to select around the ticket booth with about 20% success.

    Ideally, when placing a new ride, it should give preference to moving the ride/station vs. scrolling the view, and the hit boxes for ride selection need to be much bigger.

    Anyway, very happy to be playing RCT3 again, but hoping to reduce the amount of hair pulling.

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    This game was not developed by Atari, so unfortunately we cannot help you with your issue.


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    Contact , they can help you..

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