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Thread: In game View (3rd Person and 1st Person)

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    Lightbulb [IDEA] First Person Character

    It would be nice that you can make a character of your own and guide him in and around the park. It was already available with a cheat in RCT3 but that was only the 1st person mode.

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    Yes, there was the cheat(Johnny Watts I think it was?), but it would be really cool to have the ability to actually control the peeps and what they ride- regardless of their "Thrill Level". Like if someone was doing a PTR on a park for a forum(RCTLounge, RCTGo, etc), you could actually be at Peep eye-level, rather than standing 8 feet above to peeps.

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    In game View (3rd Person and 1st Person)

    How about this?

    We can make the park in RCT, and after 3rd, we can ride the rollecoaster and another rides.
    But, we can't walk our park, and watching the flame show, and can't buy something to drink, eat.....
    So, I want to make my character to walk around my park, and enjoy my park!

    Is it possible in this game?

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    im certain it could be implemented. i still want a first person mode personally. ( only walking around with a free looking camera)

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    PLZ input that function!
    And, Thanks for reply!

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    Im not a dev for the record.

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    Ah... I didn't know that..;;
    But,,, Thanks for reply.

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    you are welcome haha

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    Well I don't think 3rd person would make much sense but defintely 1st!!

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    I think its not to much work to implement a third person perspective, if a first person is included. But i definitely hope for a first person perspective

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