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Thread: Share your current park!

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    Cool Share your current park!

    Hey guys!
    Since this is a new forum, I thought it'd be cool to share our current parks in RCT3! We can rate and suggest new things for eachother's parks. I am currently trying to create a park with little to no custom scenery. Here are some pictures! -


    It's about 40 - 50% done, what do you think of it so far, and do you think I need to add or remove anything? Share yours as well!

    -Creamy Beef

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    Looks nice!

    This is my current park. I just made this video, I thought through pictures can't tell how it really is and also it's nice to show some rides as POV.

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    Black Diamond Resort End of 2014 Season

    Black Diamond Resort has closed its doors for the rest of the year, and will be planning a major re-open in the Summer of 2015. The park lost of a lot of its attendance this year as the two new coasters, Dasmascus and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow did not open as originally planned. We are told it was due to funding because the original owners of the park, the Elite Group, were in a legal dispute with former company R&L Fields Industry, in which they were buying back the park formerly known as World Fair Amusement Park. This is a shocking move for them.

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    I'm better known for my holiday projects, and since Winter is coming, Christmas Madness 2014 has been making its way on the forums.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    Edit: Nice to see you here as well, JeriKY! Speaking of which, he's right about Halloween

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    Ahhh! PandaCoasters!!! (: Good seeing you here! Can't wait to see more of your work. Not only is he good with his Christmas work but his Halloween work...PHENOMENAL!!!!

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    Just a little something.

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    Nice work ImagineerTom! (: Can't wait to see more!

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    Brilliant parks everyone! Got any scenery packs you reccommend I download?

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    You can't go wrong with any of Shy's sets!

    There are several others out there as well in the CS Depot you can access and download.

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    ^ As noted, definitely ShyGuys sets. but other notable creators would be StationJimJr, Ralfvieh, Boston, CTRSind, n7, Old-Spice, Vodhin, DasMatze, Stuk71 and Belgabor.

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