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Thread: Saving landscape with roller coasters

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    Question Saving landscape with roller coasters

    In RCT3, I often found myself building roller coasters that traveled through mountains and such because... well, because aesthetic. Maybe I'm just not very smart, but I never found a way to save whatever strange land formation the roller coaster tunneled through, making it extremely hard to recreate the ride in a new theme park. I would like to see an option to save parts of the land with the ride so one can have a proper way to have rides that involved mountains and such. What do y'all think?

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    Great idea! I would also find this feature very useful, especially when you just need to move a coaster over and don't want to redo all the terraforming you just did.

    If it's not already, this could be part of the architect mode we were told about a while back.

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    Best idea I've seen in a while!! Would be so helpful! Bravo!!! Hope this feature can be used in Steam Workshop where you upload rides which have the scenery and terraforming around it also, not just the ride

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    Yes, yes, absolutely yes! I've mentioned something similar a long time ago, and I so totally agree with this! Saving not only rides, but saving them with scenery and landscaping and everything would be great. I've missed this too in RCT3. Including this would make it possible to design a ride in sandbox/scenario editor mode and import it into a park later, without having to redo all of the landscaping involved.

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    Yes this would be amazing to have. If you are just wanting to create a ride with tunnels, and hills and scenery it would be amazing to make this and then import it just into your park, this would be amazing especially for the Steam Workshop!

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    This is something I wanted sooooooo bad in RTC3. Especially useful when you've built a façade for a show building or some great structure with some specific landscaping around it. Sometimes it was just for a restaurant or something I'd built using shaped terrain as the floor-plan inside the building.
    Like you said, it was a total nightmare if you wanted to copy this somewhere else. Because the terrain shaping wasn't saved, you had to pretty much memorise how the land was, and shape it before you dropped the structure/ride, or else trying to shape the ground afterwards would screw up your building.

    Let's hope that scenery only raises with terrain as an option too.

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    Yes, please. This is a good idea, and completes the save-scenery-with-ride feature from RCT3.

    I have created a very detailed mini-golf course and Go-Kart tracks that involved a lot of land modifications in RCT3, and it would have been great to put that whole layout into another park.

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