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Thread: Security and emergency services

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    I'm going to be totally honest with you I cannot remember rct2 now it was such a long time ago I just remember I had so much vandals and I couldn't see anything and about 30 odd security guards. The mountains I can't even remember that so don't panic I'm not going to crush you're happiness haha

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    haha, it has been a while since I played RCT2, I picked it up again yesterday and have already spent too many hours on it again. There was a time the RCT2 Strategy Guide was the only book I'd ever read cover to cover (numerous times at that) but I recently started reading the Star Wars Expanded Universe ^^

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    Riffing on the CCTV idea, how about assinging hot keys for a premarked view. Ctrl-1 = CCTV1 and it shows the entry way. You assign Ctrl-2 to CCTV2 (which is a $5 scenery element) and you put it near the exit of your Coaster 2. using Ctrl-2 later centers the screen immediately at that spot and zoomed in to normal level from whereever you were before selecting it. You can also select the CCTVs in a list that you open so you could have more than you have hot keys to assign?

    How about that

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    Using hotkey's for CCTV is good, but I think with very large parks it could have the potential to have way too many hotkeys.

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    A security centre with cameras around the park a bit would be grea.

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    security guards, cctv and a security control room

    Will the game have security guards, cctv and a security control room?

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    You will have to find out

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    Maybe security guards, but I doubt cctv or security control room.

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    I just hope that security guards have a more active role in the game (like the mechanics and entertainers do)

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    Mattlab told us we are getting some type of Medical Staff we can hire in the game.

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