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Thread: Security and emergency services

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    Security and emergency services

    How about giving us proper CCTV cameras and we can zoom into them at any time if we don't notice anything then a box would pop up stating vandalism so you can go straight to the camera to see who it is and then you see the security guards rushing over and detaining the vandalisers.

    Also a medic centre if sims hurt them selfs or if a ride breaks down the sims get whip lash or other injuries but when that happens you can either set you're medics to go help them or put that on auto or if it's not to serious they walk to the medic centre to get treated.

    Lost sims also maybe you could put this as a challenge but a family loose there kid(s) or father/mother and you're job is to use the CCTV to find them but also you could have tannoids to put out a search announcements "would mr/mrs or (kids name) please go to the security booth/office as your family are looking for you. And the security guards or entertainers could spot them and take them to the booth/office.

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    I like those ideas. Also, maybe a security centre would be cool if it was implemented into the game.
    I'm not sure about the player finding the lost peeps parents though, maybe the security staff.

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    I would like that, but instead of brining on security guards, they see the camera, and do not vandalize.

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    It's not a bad idea actually. One thing I found on RCT2 is that if you have a huge park you quite often miss vandalised benches etc. so even if it wasn't included within the security theme, the ability to hop to vandalised items to then replace them would be helpful - or even for mechanics to have the task of repairing such items.

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    I like you're idea of the mechanics repairing such things that would be good because in rct3 as well I miss benches that are vandalised too and the CCTV in rct2 did make a huge difference

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    That was the intention it was just a challenge that they could implement but the security staff finding them or the entertainers or you see a little kid run up to the security and then him taking the child to the booth

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    The CCTV in rct2 made that difference but would be good to watch the kids jumping on the benches and kicking them then watching them get kicked out the park

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    Quote Originally Posted by The bear View Post
    The CCTV in rct2 made that difference but would be good to watch the kids jumping on the benches and kicking them then watching them get kicked out the park
    There's CCTV in RCT2??

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    No you're right I apologise I was thinking of another game with the CCTV cameras but CCTV would make a difference and make the game a lot more realistic

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    Haha, I thought I'd missed something for all these years! to be honest though, there probably is something I'm missing in the game - it wasn't until only a couple of years ago I realised you could use the "mountain" tool in scenario editor on RCT2. (Please DONT tell me if I'm wrong, because it would be soul crushing, haha) but it's a shame you can't use it whilst playing the game! :P

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