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    Smile Rag-time Reverser

    Rag-time Reverser

    The reverser rollercoaster is a type of coaster that actually did exist. In his book "The Incredible Scream Machine: A History of the Roller Coaster" Robert Cartmell writes the following about Frank F. Hoover's Reverser in Saltair: "It was a straightforward legitimate roller coaster until the rear wheels swiveled out and around on tracks of their own. Passengers then rode sections backward until the next spin-about. Riders were never sure which way they would face during the run since there were several turning points."

    Saltair's Reverser operated from 1915 untill 1925. The musical style ragtime (also available as a musical style in RCT) was popular in those years. That's what inspired me to make this "Rag-time Reverser". Ragtime's main characteristic trait is its syncopated, or "ragged" rhythm. Syncopation is a general term for "a disturbance or interruption of the regular flow". This is also exactly what the reverser-elements do; they interrupt the flow of the cars.

    Rag-time Reverser is fast, wild and intense. Just as you would expect of a ride from the roaring twenties, the first golden age in the history of rollercoasters!

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    +1 I like it keep up the good work!

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