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Thread: Hotels Discussion (Yes/No Debate + Similar Threads)

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    I do think would add that little extra realism, doesn't have to be something you have to manage I started a thread about this ill link it below, think having the hotels as just a built in guest numbers rewards system like in city skylines for population lets both sides get best of both those who don't see the need wouldn't have to worry about it and those that do get the hotels, this would also help with the issue of peeps just appearing, a lot of theme parks now have built onsite hotels

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    I am really rooting for two things in this game; fast passes & hotels. Everyone has something they love best about RCT (creating, management etc), for me it's management. Adding hotels add numerous possibilities to the game; extra offers on tickets (half price admission for the following day if you stay in the hotel etc), somewhere for a celebrity VIP guest to reside (provided the hotel meets their criteria and/or their 5 star requirements), extra marketing options for the park.

    Hotels should be optional and not necessary to add (not to annoy those that are opposed) but it will definitely appease those that do! This is 2015 and as many have already pointed out; Disney World, Alton Towers amongst many other mainstream parks have hotels, which generate additional revenue for the park. Adding them will undeniably be realistic and will be one of notable additions to the game since its long hiatus.

    At this point, I am confident that if RCTW don't add it - Planet Coaster will and they will be able to claim they were the originators of it.

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    Good insight, folks. Just wanted to catch people's reasoning behind it! Makes sense. I probably won't be using the hotels, but it's a good option to have

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    I agree RedBlueLaw. No offense to my peeps, but I don't really care what they do when they leave, or how they arrive. I've only been to Six Flags, which for most people is just a one day visit, and not a week long visit.

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    I don't know if someone already sair that, but hotels would be a cool thing to be added to the game, if you could make that would be awesome.
    Best debates,
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