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  • I believe that Atari should add in bigger park areas for RCTW.

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Thread: Bigger Amusement Park Areas

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    Lightbulb Bigger Amusement Park Areas

    Dear Atari,

    When you add a lot of stuff into your games, please have a bigger area than a 252x252 park area. I love building amusement parks with or without custom scenery and I love to go on my full potential of creativity. But please, in my eyes, 252x252 park area isn't big enough for me. I ask you this kindly, can you please make the maximum park area to at least 500x500, or more? I would love it.

    Antonio, aka Master's Kingdom.
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    i am fully with you puttung rides right next to eachother sucks

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    100% with you, they need to be much larger!

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    I would at least expect a map size equivalent to RCT3. 252 x 252 is roughly the size of Disneyland if you compare to real life. Larger is always better though!

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    Limiting the size in scenarios can present a nice challenge. In sandbox I would like to have a space to build on that is as large as possible of course. However I could not say that 256x256 is too small or not. This depends on a lot of factors. For instance bad path finding and bad optimization in RCT3 meant you could not fill the Park to the brink in large parks. Peeps would not go to far off rides and even if they did your game would drop to unplayable frame rates or the save would just stop working no matter what.
    So I'd rather have a little bit smaller park in a well optimized game than a large park area you cannot use anyway.

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    Yay expansive rides! And a possibility for multi-park resorts

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    But keep the RAM usage under control...

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    Rct worlds are everytime to small, if you'll know what i'm doing o.O

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    I think the power of your computer isnt even a problem. They are probably using the rendermto distance mode. If stalls are more far away, they got less details and polygons. If you got a stronger computer, you can have more polygons aso

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    I want larger parks where peeps go everywhere.
    If they dont than make the park as small as it has to be that peeps ride the ride at the back.

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