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Thread: Download other than steam?

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    Unhappy Download other than steam?

    A while back, like, early 2014 we're talking, maybe even late 2013, I bought and downloaded RCT3: Platinum. But it wasn't on steam, and no matter where I look I can't find a legitimate RCT3: Platinum download. I want to know if I can get it back without buying it again. Anyone got any ideas?


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    Remember where you got it from? I don't why it wouldn't be on your PC... Have you checked your entire PC?

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    Look at your settings pf your game. Maybe you can find some installer

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    If it was not on Steam, I think your only option is to buy it again. I definitely would not recommend trying to find a free download.
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    That's the official Atari download page.
    You might be able to log in from there and re-download or click on the buy button and try to download it again, I really don't know, but its worth a shot...

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    Don't you have the CD key ? give that in on steam it is possible the game gets added to your account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryGamer View Post
    Could it be Origins?
    EA and Atari are two different companies. I doubt that they would put an Atari and Frontier game with EA and Maxis.

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    I know the game is on there....

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    Amazon has it. It's where I got my copy from. Once paid for, you can DL as many times as you want/need just like Steam. Amazon may want you to DL their FREE DL/Installer to Install it and Play it without needing a Disc but you only need to DL that once (for all their DL'able games).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMR View Post
    If it was not on Steam, I think your only option is to buy it again. I definitely would not recommend trying to find a free download.
    I bought RCT3 a few years ago on the Atari website, and I am thinking about getting it on steam.. What does the steam version offer that is not in the Atari download?

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