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Thread: Better/Easier Underground Manipulation/Placement Of Scenery

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    Better/Easier Underground Manipulation/Placement Of Scenery

    For me at least, in RCT 3, using underground space for rides saved me space while building recreations of places like Disneyland, where I needed lots of space. The one problem was that placing things underground was not that easy. You had to hold shift and drag down to the perfect place every time, and you had to cover up the gross looking walls of dirt. I think in RCT World, we should have the ability to better place scenery underground. I was thinking maybe be able to see though a chunk of land that you want to build under, and build everything and then make it visible again. In RCT 3, we couldn't make a big hole and cover them with grass squares when finished to solve this solution, as when we built something above, it would say too high because it counts from the real ground. Overall, I think this would be a good addition. Along with this I would like to maybe see rides create GOOD LOOKING tunnels when they go into the side of hills (Can be toggled).

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    Think a better fix for this issue would just be a bigger plot of land. I can agree with the horribly ugly dirt walls and better tunnels.

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    I'm glad you brought up placement of scenery. Even when working with custom scenery in RCT3, I really hated having to erect large structures with tiny, little pieces. But of course, that was the only way we could do it because scenery is limited to what you can fit in one tile.

    The Sims has a construction menu that makes building (houses) quick and easy. Nearly everything works around a system of drag, drop, and stretch. RCTW, please take note of the process of making and decorating a house in The Sims. I think the game would benefit from a similar system.

    One more thing I'd like to bring up because of The Sims is the eye-dropper tool. How many times have you had to scroll through a huge inventory of tiny pieces to find that one window awning you had a few minutes ago? If we had something like an eye-dropper tool, it would eliminate the inventory searching. You would just eye-drop a piece of scenery that you have already and immediately have a copy of it ready to go.

    By the way, I have to agree on RCT3's underground thing. I've stopped putting anything underground just because it looks so bad.

    Okay, one more suggestion: The tree random-placer button. You pick a tree, toggle the randomizer, and you can plop a random number of that tree in a given area. This would make creating densely wooded areas much quicker.

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