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Thread: Idea: Pools and Water Rides

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    Idea: Pools and Water Rides

    In RCTW, I would really like to see better water physics. Like said in a previous thread, I would love it if water in water rides actually had real physics(like going downhill fast, more realistic splashes, etc). I also would love to see Pool Depth be added. The current RCT3:Soaked depth is about 3-4 feet deep. What if a 100 foot diving board went into 3 foot waters in real life? Yeah, deep ends and baby pools would be real nice.

    This is my first post, and hope to post more often on here. Hope to see you all soon!

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    swimming pools / water park elements

    Please for the love of god, add back in the swimming pools / water features, if not in the vanilla game, please make an expansion with such theme.

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    Unhappy Water Slides

    I really like making water slides and water parks. RCT without it would not be as fun. But the slides must be realistic! Slides usually can't have vertical drops and -5g airtime. People would fall off the slide. And also, the pool water in RCT3 looked a little weird, people made bigger waves by jumping into the water than the wave machine. Get real wave machines that make waves that don't dissapear.

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    That would be awesome to be able to have that back! Definitely would buy that expansion.

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