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Thread: Suggestion: Setting the Scene(ry)

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    Suggestion: Setting the Scene(ry)

    So one thing I would really love to see, personally? The ability to set mood, and more scenery. This is SO important for us that enjoy making THEME parks, and even for people that are less interested in theming would probably love to give certain rides certain vibes.

    Here's how I would go about doing this...

    - There would be a number of 'themes' (horror... fantasy... sci-fi... jungle... pirate, etc)
    - Each piece of scenery, or things like paths, lights, fences, etc... would give a 'theme rating' which would be a number or percentage that would be given to nearby rides, attractions, and stores. (for instance, an Alien monster might give a lot of sci-fi rating, and some horror rating)
    - Rides, attractions and stores would have a 'Theming' chart, showing the accumulated theme rating it has based on the scenery around it (so maybe like.. 25 horror, 10 sci-fi*)
    - Some rides might have innate theme ratings (for instance, that dynamite ride from 3 would have innate western theming)
    - Peeps would have their own theming preference randomized when they are spawned, and will be attracted to rides based around their theming (perhaps repulsed by themes they have negative numbers with).
    - neutral themed rides will always be safe bets
    - Heavily favouring one kind of theme in your park will cause a higher likeliness of peeps with attraction to that theme to be spawned. Like... make a sci-fi park and a lot of your peeps would be sci-fi geeks.
    - There could be challenges/achievements based around creating rides/parks with balances of certain themes.

    *Numbers mean nothing right now.

    Aside from that theming idea... some other scenery based suggestions would be:

    1. Lighting. Lighting can create HUGE effects in your park, and there have been some great mod packs out there that create great lighting effects. Lights at different heights, angles, and colours... and not just light, but shadow... Walls and roofs and various pieces of scenary (such as trees) should be used to create all kinds of darkness... sometimes even pitch blackness, so lighting can be used to full effect.
    2. More 'cultural' scenery pieces. I remember 3 had some middle-eastern and mayan pieces, but how about more from various regions of the globe?
    3. More use of the day and night cycle. Kind of to do with point 1, but it'd really help show off your lighting (I remember adding path lights in 3 because I thought it made sense but then realized "I'm just waisting money because these lights will never be used because it's never night")
    4. Greater ability to control paths. I don't know if it was just me, or the game, but I experienced a lot of trouble making paths and ramps...
    5. More obvious seasons! I want to feel like "'Tis the season!" Perhaps certain plants are affected by certain seasons? Obvious Fall leaves and Snowy ground terrain would be important
    6. Tower of Terror and The Haunted Mansion have shown us Queue Lines can be part of the attraction as well! I would love to see new ways to make the queue lines more attractive.
    7. Tables, like picnic tables, so folks can sit down to eat their meals.. would help to create food courts!
    8. Just... more scenery in general!

    I can't think of more at the moment, but I feel this is a start!
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