I've noticed in Rct3 that the tunnels are really 2 dimensional and have no real tunnel side quality that I was first expecting. I hope in RCTW that it will change. What I'm looking for is a variety of different themes for the tunnels that you can choose from. Such as a rocky type terrain on the sides and ground. Another thing that I was frustrated about in RCT3 is that dark rides didn't have the performance I was looking for. It almost makes it impossible unless you download custom scenery to make it more accurate. I'm not one to download things unless its necessary. Besides, custom scenery will only really take you half the way. I've imagined a indoor dark type launching rollercoaster in my mind that could not be done in RCT3. I've tried the "Theme Park Studio" game but its mostly for advanced roller coaster designers. Not to mention, it was WAY to complicated for me. Even the path layout was a challenge :confused:. What I'm looking for is a great themed building with a coaster inside that is in the dark, and I mean way dark, So basically anything can happen. I hope my ideas will be considered or maybe even seen in the game. I'm really looking forward tow RCTW, and I want to do whatever I can to help. Thank You.