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Thread: Anyone have plans on theme parks they might be going to within a month or two?

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    I'd like to go to holiday park, with "expedition Gforce" they have one of the best rollercoasters, and, even though I have been there countless times, I will go to Europapark again, because it is the best themepark around here. And I still didn't ride all the rollercoasters there. My sudden transformation to a rollercoaster freak was about one year ago, and the last time I was there the queues were pretty long on many if the rollercoasters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wittloc View Post
    Try Dare Devil Dive, Goliath & Mindbender. Squeeze in Acrophobia and Superman in if you can.

    I'm not going to any parks in a month or two (maybe SFOG as it's 30 minutes away from where I live) but I plan to go to Carowinds for my 100th different coaster, Fury 325 and Dollywood for Lightning Rod (first rmc!)
    Oh of course, I go every year and have since I moved to Ga 15 years ago lol. Fright Fest at Six Flags is one of my favorite places to be and Goliath is one of my all time favorite coasters. I try to get the fast pass, that way you can get everything in in one day.

    I remember riding Lightning Rod years ago when I was younger. I need to revisit that place soon.

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    I already have my season pass for Cedar Point (it's one hour away from home) and I can't wait to try their 18th rollercoaster ! Valravn, the tallest, fastest dive coaster!

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