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Thread: Curved Paths?

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    Curved Paths?

    Based on the 4 screenshots available it appears we'll still be using a grid layout. That should't rule out curved paths though! Our roller coasters had turns on a grid, why not paths?

    Freeform pathing would be my first choice. Can the new coaster building tech that's been promoted be adapted to work for paths too?

    If not heres a much simpler solution - create stock path curves in the same sizes as the coaster curves from previous games. Small right and left curve, medium, and large that you can plop down for each of the available path textures.

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    Free forming paths are very complex to implement and I don't see them including this in the near future

    I completely agree with your simpler solution. To "create stock curves".

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    Curved path will be good if it is included.

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    Pre-made curved paths should be easy to do. instead of just a right angle, have other pieces too.
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    Curved Paths?

    I Looked around in the boxart and saw this:


    Do you think its a path that we will be available to place? like draw our own paths.

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    I dont think so Check the dev blog 3:
    ... While your coaster station, something we consider a park element, still needs to be placed at 90 degree angles, the game no longer forces the coaster tracks themselves to conform to the grid below and ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by redyar View Post
    I dont think so Check the dev blog 3:
    But what is it then? :/

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    Nearly all was made from content in the game..but not everything. Fingers crossed. But the reply redyar gave was just about coaster stations. I honestly think curved paths are a possibility

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    The dev blog said paths will be painted on.

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    Think I read somewhere where nothing will be snapped to a grid anymore, you'll be able to toggle grids on or off still which leads me to believe we'll be getting free forming paths.... in order words,more freedom for creating paths and que lines.

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