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Thread: Majority: Custom Scenery from RCT3

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    Lightbulb Majority: Custom Scenery from RCT3

    Dear Atari,

    Many RCT3 fans, including me, use custom scenery in our parks. We use it just to make our amusement parks more beautiful and more realistic. I'm not saying that your default scenery was bad, I'm saying that you NEED to add important custom scenery imported from RCT3. Please, Atari, please, add catwalks, single and on both sides, when putting we're building chain lifts on coasters. Add catwalks on breaks, or at least give us an option to add it in or not. Also, put better beam stands on the roller coasters to make it look more realistic.

    But I don't wanna force you guys. So, here are some list of really popular Custom Sceneries from RCT3 that YOU REALLY SHOULD ADD TO COASTERS:

    - ATH Catwalks
    - Moby's Steel Jungle
    - JCat's Steelworks
    - Turnstyles
    - DasMatze's Ultilities
    - NF Particle Affects (Not On Coasters But You Should Add As Scenery)
    - Spice's Pine Trees (Goes With NF Particle Affects Idea)
    - Spice's Tall Trees (Goes With NF Particle Affects Idea)
    - Gadget Coaster Goodies
    - SK-Canopy 101 (Goes With NF Particle Affects Idea)
    - Ynor9's Control Room
    - MegaCoster CTR

    Please add some to all of these to RTCW! I look forward to the game a lot!

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    I'm sorry but that isn't going to happen but don't worry people will make new CS for RCTW if the game is half decent.

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    Catwalks and realistic supports should be in the vanilla game. I'd be really surprised if they weren't.

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    ^ Yup. I don't think we'll need a lot of the listed items, (except coaster "goodies" and catwalks, and I probably still will do custom supports) due to the game's progress.

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