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Thread: Would you pay $$$ to have this on your tablets?

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    It would be also great when they put rct1 on the wii u, because the wii u gamepad is similar to a tablet and they already ported rct1 for the old xbox

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    Why not RCT2? Because RCT1 gave me much, much more statisfaction when completing a scenario. RCT2 never challenged me to play. And as there are no block sections in RCT1 you have to design your coaster carefully if you want to run with multiple trains (more challenge, yay!). I do use RCT2 for sandboxing every now and then, but I have played RCT1 much more (think about something like 3 times as much).

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    Perhaps a blend of both. No Custom import unless that particular problem could be made stable on a tablet, but everything that is the best of both. They are so very close IMO

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    It'd be amazing, than i can do park management everywhere

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    id love for rct1 deluxe and rct2 triple thrill pack on android. would easily pay 15 dollars for each. of course assuming it was ported well and runs well and controls well. i dont need custom content on a mobile port. i feel as if this would have been way more successful than what RCT4M is...

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    Most definitely - Transport Tycoon Android Port was the best £6 I have spent on an app. Although technically its a port of Chris Sawyers Locomotion but hey, semantics.

    I think a port of RCT1 would work better than RCT2 as someone pointed out it was mouse only - can't see how they would work stacking scenery in RCT2 without Ctrl key.

    I am surprised this hasn't happened considering the amount of flak for RCT4M

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