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Thread: Millennium Force at Cedar Point

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    Millennium Force at Cedar Point

    General Statistics,
    It is a steel coaster manufactured by Intamin.It is basically a Giga Coaster,and has got Cable lift hill system.It has got a maximum height of 310 ft(94m) and a drop of 300ft(91m).Full ride length scales upto 6595ft(2.01Km).It has got a maximum speed of 93mph(150Km/h).It has got a capacity of 1300 riders per hour.
    Here,s how it looks like:-
    We also just can't forget about how massive support structures are:-

    Ok,here's my question to you guys-
    What do you like about this coaster and would you try to replicate this coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon World?

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    The giant banked turn.

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    Went on my only trip to Cedar Point a few years after this opened. It was brilliant, not as good as Shambhala or other B&M hypers I've been on, but for an Intamin incredibly smooth and reliable it seems. Unlike the Xcelerators..

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