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Thread: A Better User Interface

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    A Better User Interface

    When I say 'user interface', I don't necessarily mean the whole GUI of the game compared to RCT3. What I primarily mean is the format of choosing a coaster, decoration, shop, etc.

    One of the most annoying things that I found with RCT3 was the fact that I had to scroll up and down a very small list to find what I wanted. I really wanted to add so many decorations, make totally awesome builds, but I just couldn't get used to having to scroll down a long list compacted into a small box.

    I'd suggest a grid system, with a picture of the decoration or whatever and then information about it when hovering over. Also, have it, by default, seperate the different decorations by what they are. (Even better, have the different mods be seperated). So, have a small title saying 'trees' with all the different kinds of trees you can get underneath, and then 'other plants' or 'path decorations' etc.

    Finally, if there are 3 different types of tree, for example, have the picture depict it more clearly. So 3 oak trees in a row, the first one would be small, then medium, then large.

    I'm basing this off RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, by the way. Something as simple as this would make the game more enjoyable for me.

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    Ctr-F would be a life saver.

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