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Thread: Steam Suggestion: Make use of the Steam Workshop feature!

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    Post Make use of the Steam Workshop feature!

    Dear RollerCoaster Tycoon World developers,

    as you may know, there's a Steam Workshop on Steam at which you are able to upload user-generated content for a lot of games. It would be awesome if RollerCoaster Tycoon World could make use of that feature on Steam. People would be able to upload their user-generated content (as example rides, coasters, scenery, ...) and other people could download it to make their game experience even better.

    Remember: Modifications and a great modding community keeps a game alive!

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    I think they confirmed Steam Workshop.

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    Steam workshop?

    I believe I heard this game was gonna be on steam.
    I think it'd be a fantastic idea to have steam workshop and or the ability to mod the game.
    Maybe a mod that makes the mascots into disneyland/disneyworld characters, or maybe
    six flags themed rides or something. I think it'd be a great idea to add in steam workshop
    for the modding community perhaps being able to download scenario's that people could make
    and post onto the steam workshop. I've been a huge fan of roller coaster tycoon since the
    first game, and it's one of the best Theme park simulators out there, only one way to make it
    better... that's with the help of the modding community to create new rides, new mascots, new
    decorations stuff like that. I hope you'll take steam workshop into consideration.

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    Disney characters are copyrighted and Disny aggressively protects that copyright. To even get htm considered, you better have tons of bucks at your disposal, and even then, you can get sued if you aren't careful.

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    dlc for copyrighted material to support disney and others

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