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Thread: King Cobra

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    Talking King Cobra

    King Cobra

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    Video (coasterdesign only):

    CS used (coasterdesign only):

    CoasterJoe's B&M Connectors
    CPcisco's B&M Footers
    CPcisco's Steel Chaos (MSJ Addons)
    DasMatze's Fences & Railings
    Gadget's Goodies for Coaster Set
    Moby's Steel Jungle v1
    Pumper's SteelWorx
    Shyguy's Alpine Village Set 3
    Shyguy's Catfish Cove Set
    Sk HGR71
    SRC's Lifthill Set

    When placing the coasterdesign (extended coaster; Wild! required), hold shift and move up 1 unit.


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    Looks really good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spirashun View Post
    Looks really good!

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    I am trying to install Steelworx and Steel Jungle, and I put them in the Style/Themed folder, however I cannot find them at all when I look to try to use them. I have never had issues with custom scenery until recently. I downloaded the Platinum version off Amazon if that makes any difference. Can you, or anyone else help me? I love your roller coaster also, looks great and I would love to ride it myself.

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