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Thread: Don't Rush it

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    Hey Atari Team. We dont wanna have a game which is unfinished or with less content. We want a great variation of rollercoasters, stalls, deco, flatrides aso. We dont wanna have only 5 types of coasters or 10 rides. we wanna have so much like in rct 1 / 2 /3. Maybe you could add more and more with steam updates or so. I will make some threads about must have rides / coasters.
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    Sorry, but this is the most useless thread in some time...
    I have never heard somebody say 'release this game now, I don't care if we only have 2 rollercoasters and 4 types of trees to plant and that it's full of bugs'.

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    I could be wrong, but I don't think he is saying to release it now. I think English is not the OP's first language and that he has typos and is missing some words.

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