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Thread: Why no Spooky theme ??

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    Exclamation Why no Spooky theme ??

    I don't know why. It was a special theme of rct.

    nothing more to say :P

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    I suspect all the themes are being overhauled too now that we have a new developer. I certainly hope so as I think 4 themes is not enough.

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    We need a definitive answer on this now that dev's changed. Off the top of my head I'd like: Generic, Western, Fantasy-Adventure, Spooky, Fire-Ice, Sci-Fi, Decades/Retro and Medieval.

    Spooky is a MUST!
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    Personally I'd do spooky over anything. But look at it this way, there eventually will be custom scenery downloads... so there.

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    I totally agree, I think the spooky theme should stay.

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    I think they were planning to add more themes later anyways.

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    Should we revive this thread?

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