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Thread: Concept Coasters

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    Concept Coasters

    With RCT3, we got to play with some very interesting coaster designs that either didn't exist yet, or were lost concepts in time. For example, we got the RoboCoaster years before the robot arm was put on a track, we got the CoasterBall just before the ZacSpin was a real thing, and we got the Pipeline Coaster, a concept from Arrow Dynamics from the early 90's.

    If RCTW were to keep with the tradition, what are some new, odd, or conceptual creations that you would like to see?

    Here's my list:

    S&S Free Fly -

    S&S Free Fly (2nd gen. concept) -

    B&M Wingrider -

    Vekoma Rocking Mine Train -

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    I would like to see a Polercoaster like Sky Scraper

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