Dear RCT4M Android Tycoons,

Love getting the latest build of the game early, providing feedback/talking directly with our developers, or seeing new features before anyone else?

Then click this link and sign up to be a Beta Tester of RCT4M!!!!fo...le-betatesting

We let new players in all the time! This your chance to help shape the future of the game and interact with the dev team. All of our builds are sent through Beta before they are released to the public so this is the best way to see what we are working on next! But remember, the Beta group is a closed group, so you can only discuss with others in the Beta. It's a secret!!!

Thank you to all our testers who have signed up so far and helped us test new features and squash bugs before being released into the wild! The game is better than ever and you have helped make that happen!

Many new features are coming soon to all platforms!

The RCT4M Team