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Thread: Water rides, dark rides.

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    Water rides, dark rides.

    What I really would like to see in RCTW is a round moving platform station for (water) rides. I also would like to see a major improvement on darkrides/themed rides in general (example RCT3:

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    Must have water rides! That's one of the main reasons I abandoned TPS.

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    I hope there will be structures for water rides like those pictures. Good video, too.

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    Nice! I hope they move this thread to the ideas section so Mattlab will have a higher chance of seeing it

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    I like the idea of a moving platform as a ride entrance. It doesn't have to be exclusively for water rides though, it could be used for other types of rides as well.

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    Yes these stations would really improve the reality of water rides !

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    That video is confusing me. How did it go downhill twice if it never went uphill once?

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    I definitly want round stations for water rides and dark rides, but I think it should be selectable if we want to build a round or straight station. And one thing is really important to me: boats of water rides shouldn't stop in the station, I've never seen a water ride where the boat stops in the station.

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    I know of two water rides for sure that both stop at the station for us to load and unload, I am sure there are many more. There should be the option to choose which you want the ride to do.

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    Especially on white water raft rides, those almost always use that system.

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